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Knottallow Tarn in Cumbria

The tarn is man-made, being constructed over 150 years ago and is some 6 acres in area. The water is divided into two parts by an old causeway approximately 100 metres upstream of the dam, most likely being the original dam as the water was extended some time in the past. The causeway is partially submerged allowing fish access to both parts. The tarn relies solely on natural springs and some land drainage for the inflow of water, and has long since reverted to what could be described as a natural water. The Tarn is not very deep - average depth being just under 2 metres, and can be fished with a floating line throughout the season.
The fishery has an abundance of natural fly life and will appeal to anglers who adopt an imitative approach. Fishing is by conventional fly fishing methods only.

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Knottallow Tarn
United Kingdom
LA12 7BJ
  01229 596221 (Please mention LDTG)
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